More-Than-Visuals, Conversations.

Lion Blau
2 min readJul 31, 2022


UX Design as a World of Pure Experience

UX Design is precisely the location where the so-called Human-Computer Interaction is to be put in the foreground, centered, and zoomed on. UX Design is a vast domain, naturally inter-disciplinary, and benefits from diverse expertise, backgrounds, and prior experiences.

UX Design stands for User Experience Design, meaning the experience actualized or “made real” in the human using the computer’s software (or any other digital and physical tool) by its visual, audible, or tactile interface; or any other forms of human perception. Designing for an experience in the singular is an exercise in impossibility since humans are inherently different beings by virtue of their subjective nature.

Designing with, not for humans.

This means the entirety of virtual possibilities in any Human-Computer interaction is naturally infinite. However, the skillful application of many of the human sciences — such as psychology, behavioral science, and sociology, mixed with their quantitative and qualitative research methods from sociology, anthropology, ethnography, and also the natural sciences — enables us to create science-backed and research-filled focus into the experience we as UX Designers aim to realize for and in our users.